Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

External Junior Counsel Panel

External Junior Counsel Panel

The CDPP receives briefs of evidence from Commonwealth investigative agencies and state and territory agencies. The CDPP manages its legal matters through its national practice group model and has six National Practice Groups dedicated to prosecuting categories of crime and supporting partner agencies in their investigations.

The CDPP often engages counsel to support some of the litigation work conducted by the Office and has established an Junior External Counsel Panel for this purpose.

This Panel approach allows the CDPP to increase the number of junior counsel briefed, improve gender equity in our briefing practices and create a quick and easy application process for members seeking to work with the CDPP. Further, by having a Panel which is reviewed on a four-yearly basis, the CDPP can ensure that the advocates it briefs have up-to-date and relevant experience to undertake prosecution work for the Office.

About the Panel

There are two levels within the Panel.

Level One: Barristers who have been on the Roll for up to 3 years  |  Level Two: Barristers who have been on the Roll for 3 years or more

Application process

Applications for our 2017 intake of barristers looking to join our Panel has closed. The next intake will be in late 2018.


National Model Gender Equitable Briefing Policy

The CDPP recently adopted the National Model – Gender Equitable Briefing Policy, set out by the Law Council of Australia. The Policy aims to set measures that ensure a level playing field for all Australians in the legal profession, including the ultimate aim of briefing women in at least 30 per cent of all matters and paying 30 per cent of the value of all brief fees by 2020. The establishment of the CDPP External Junior Counsel Panel is further evidence of the CDPP’s commitment to ensuring its counsel arrangements and briefing practices are transparent and equitable in every respect.

To find out more about the Policy, visit the Law Council of Australia website, or for more information on our Panel, please contact the Counsel Panel Team via email